DEPARTMENT OF NAVIGATION AND OCEANOGRAPHY MINISTRY OF DEFENCE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Изд. № 101п. Подготовлено к изданию в 280 ЦКП ВМФ. E-mail: NAVAREA XIII DAILY BULLETIN № 9960 NAVAREA 13 WARNINGS IN FORCE AT 070800 UTC MAR 23 20/23 NAVAREA XIII 20/23 BERING SEA CHARTS RUS 60103 60104 1.CABLE LAID ALONG LINE 52- 59-11N 158-50-32E 52-59-04N 1 58-51-44E 52-59-15N 158-52-37E 53-01-28N 158-57-04E 53-01-52N 159-02-08E 53-00-34N 159-18-30E 52-59-57N 159-22-06E 52-49-19N 159-33-57E 52-41-16N 159-43-34E 52-36-22N 159-58-09E 52-35-05N 160-08-37E 52-34-43N 160-27-52E 52-38-52N 160-46-50E 52-40-50N 160-51-31E 52-45-48N 160-57-09E 53-07-32N 161-22-19E 53-52-16N 162-14-47E 54-47-52N 163-21-13E 54-51-58N 163-29-07E 54-53-42N 163-31-15E 55-00-00N 163-35-44E 55-06-03N 163-43-30E 55-10-57N 163-51-57E 55-28-12N 164-12-56E 55-40-10N 164-25-03E 55-50-04N 164-40-58E 55-58-47N 165-03-31E 56-10-06N 166-06-27E 56-28-46N 167-53-24E 56-45-12N 169-25-36E 56-48-05N 169-35-28E 56-56-35N 170-10-55E 57-04-08N 170-39-04E 57-11-12N 170-53-55E 59-26-00N 174-54-13E 59-53-18N 175-44-08E 60-44-53N 177-22-32E 61-04-59N 178-01-47E 61-08-19N 178-05-03E 61-09-28N 178-09-23E 61-10-29N 178-09-13E 61-10-29N 178-11-51E 61-11-45N 178-15-05E 61-57-14N 179-44-49E 62-19-59N 179-29-40W 62-21-22N 179-28-14W 62-45-23N 179-28-49W 63-13-34N 179-32-13W 63-16-23N 179-32-31W 63-17-31N 179-34-30W 63-24-29N 179-53-33W 63-57-56N 179-28-09E 64-04-17N 179-20-55E 64-05-02N 179-19-00E 64-06-02N 179-03-21E 64-06-58N 179-01-04E 64-24-44N 178-43-36E 64-26-11N 178-41-14E 64-29-58N 178-23-00E 64-31-49N 178-13-00E 64-35-14N 177-54-40E 64-36-49N 177-48-54E 64-39-03N 177-33-06E 64-42-15N 177-32-43E 64-42-59N 177-31-41E 2.CANCEL 13 120/22 AND THIS PARA 21/23 NAVAREA XIII 21/23 SEA OF JAPAN TATARSKIY PROLIV CHART RUS 60101 1.MISSILE EXERCISES FOR 18 HOURS FROM 1400 UTC 28 FEB TO 06 MAR 08 TO 10 MAR IN AREA 50-16-00N 140-28-12E 50-11-18N 140-47-48E 49-37-00N 140-26-42E 49-28-12N 140-49-00E 48-57-18N 141-03-12E 47-46-06N 140-59-30E 45-07-48N 138-15-36E 43-06-24N 135-22-42E 42-33-42N 134-05-00E 42-30-24N 133-56-30E 42-36-30N 133-51-30E 42-42-36N 133-46-36E 42-46-06N 133-55-00E 43-19-36N 135-09-24E 45-18-24N 137-58-24E 47-51-48N 140-36-06E 48-49-42N 140-43-06E 49-20-12N 140-32-18E 49-31-36N 140-01-30E 2.CANCEL THIS MESSAGE 110900 UTC MAR 23 24/23 NAVAREA XIII 24/23 NORTH PACIFIC CHART RUS 60403 1.OBSERVING BUOY ADRIFT 030800 UTC MAR 23 IN 46-39.0N 166-13.8E 2.CANCEL THIS MESSAGE 080800 UTC MAR 23 25/23 NAVAREA XIII 25/23 1.NAVAREA 13 WARNINGS IN FORCE AT 050000 UTC MAR 23 2023: 20, 21, 24, 25 A.NAVAREA 13 WARNINGS LESS THAN 42 DAYS OLD ARE PROMULGATED VIA SAFETY NET B.THE LIST OF NAVAREA 13 WARNINGS IS AVAILABLE FROM THE WEBSITE AT HTTP://MIL.RU/NAVIGATION.htm OR MAY BE REQUESTED BY E-MAIL FROM NAVAREA 13 COORDINATOR AT UNIO_NAVAREA@MIL.RU C.TEXTS OF NAVAREA 13 WARNINGS ARE PRINTED IN WEEKLY EDITIONS OF RUSSIAN NOTICE TO MARINERS 2.CANCEL 18/23 AND THIS PARA