NAVAREA I 043/23 SPACE WEATHER. Moderate geomagnetic storm in progress. Radio and satellite navigation services may be affected. NAVAREA I 042/23 NORWAY. ISPS ANNOUNCEMENT. 1. Please be informed that the Maritime Security Level is raised to Level 2 in the following Norwegian port facilities: NOMON-0001, Equinord Mongstad. NOKAS-0059, Kaarstoe Gas Processing Plant. NOTBO-0001, Tjellbergodden Port. NOMLK-0001, Hammerfest LNG Melkoeya. NOAUK-0002, Nyhamna Gas Plant. NOAVE-0001, Norsea Vestbase Averoey. NOSLA-0002, Norsea Tananger. NOLRI-0003, Norsea Stord Base. NOHFT-0005, Norsea Polar Base. NOSVG-0008, Norsea Dusavik. NOKSU-0014, Norsea Vestbase Kristiansund. NOMON-0002, Mongstad Base. NOSSJ-0007, Helgeland Base. NOTAE-0002, Conoco Phillips Base Tanager. NOSLA-0003, Offshore Terminal. NOHAU-0003, Killingoey Subsea and Offshore Base. Ships calling at these facilities shall respond without delay to this change in security level. 2. Cancel NAVAREA I 168/22. NAVAREA I 041/23 1. RIGLIST. Correct at 200500 UTC Mar 23. Southern North Sea: 51N to 55N 52-29.8N 004-13.0E Valaris 123 ACP Q10-A 52-33.2N 003-44.5E Noble Resolute (ex Maersk) ACP Horizon P9-6 52-41.8N 004-17.7E JB-115 ACP HNA 52-45.4N 003-45.5E Swift 10 ACP P6-A 53-00.0N 001-50.8E Valaris 72 ACP Hewett Gas Field 53-14.0N 003-14.5E 590021 ACP Allseas Test 53-14.5N 001-26.9E Noble Hans Deul ACP Blythe 53-19.4N 002-34.5E Seafox 7 ACP 49/23-AQ 53-21.9N 001-39.1E Well Safe Protector ACP Anglia Gas Field 53-36.9N 004-57.5E Seafox 4 ACP L9-FF-1 NEW 53-37.4N 000-47.4E Erda ACP 47/14-A2D NEW 53-49.5N 000-28.2E Valaris Norway ACP Rough Gas Field 53-58.7N 006-55.1E Seafox 2 ACP Dolwin Beta 53-59.0N 000-47.4E Haeva ACP Neptune Gas Field NEW Den Helder Seajacks Kraken 54-14.7N 002-09.2E Ensco 92 ACP Boulton Gas Field 54-34.2N 002-17.6E Prospector 1 ACP Cygnus Gas Field 54-35.7N 000-26.0E Noble Resilient (ex Maersk) ACP Breagh Gas Field North Sea: 55N to 60N, East of 5W 55-28.6N 005-06.4E Noble Reacher (ex Maersk) ACP Dan Oil Field 55-31.8N 005-00.4E Noble Sam Turner ACP Halfdan Oil Field 55-48.2N 004-33.7E Maersk Interceptor ACP Valdemar Oil Field 56-19.5N 003-21.2E Maersk Integrator ACP Valhall Oil Field 56-23.5N 002-53.5E Linus 56-25.4N 003-13.6E West Elara ACP Eldfisk Oil Field 56-38.5N 005-19.2E Noble Resolve ACP Nini 56-51.0N 002-15.3E Valaris 120 ACP Jade Oil Field 57-02.0N 001-56.6E Valaris 122 ACP 22/30b-A,C NEW 57-05.5N 000-57.6E Ocean Endeavor 57-09.2N 001-40.4E Valaris Gorilla VI 57-48.9N 004-32.0E Maersk Inspirer ACP YME Oil Field 57-58.1N 000-53.6E Paul B Loyd Jr 58-00.8N 000-55.4W COSL Innovator 58-18.5N 001-41.4W COSL Pioneer 58-44.9N 002-34.1E Deepsea Atlantic 58-50.2N 001-39.4E Deepsea Yantai NEW Scapa Flow Stena Don 59-11.9N 002-24.7E West Phoenix NEW 59-15.3N 002-36.2E Deepsea Aberdeen 59-22.7N 001-40.8E Ocean Patriot 59-29.7N 002-01.5E Deepsea Nordkapp 59-40.5N 002-12.3E Scarabeo 8 Norwegian Sea: 60N to 65N, East of 5W 60-14.4N 004-30.3W Ocean Greatwhite 60-21.3N 002-54.0E Askepott 60-51.4N 003-26.3E Transocean Endurance 61-02.4N 002-20.2E Noble Lloyd Noble ACP Valemon 61-10.2N 003-19.0E Deepsea Stavanger 61-19.5N 001-59.1E COSL Promoter 61-31.3N 002-40.8E Transocean Spitsbergen South and West Coasts of the British Isles Nil. NOTES: A. Rigs are protected by a 500 metre safety zone. B. ACP - Adjacent to Charted Platform. C. For Rigs located North of 65N, East of 5W, refer to Navarea XIX Warnings or visit 2. Cancel 036/23. NAVAREA I 040/23 1. NAVAREA I WARNINGS IN FORCE AT 171000 UTC MAR 23: 2022 SERIES: 168, 194, 220, 226. 2023 SERIES: 029, 036, 040. NOTES: A. Texts of NAVAREA I Warnings issued each week are published in weekly editions of the ADMIRALTY Notices to Mariners bulletin (ANMB). B. NAVAREA I Warnings less than 42 days old (029/23 onward) are promulgated via Enhanced Group Call (EGC) and/or relevant NAVTEX transmitters. C. The complete texts of all in-force NAVAREA I warnings, including those which are no longer being broadcast, are reprinted in Section III of ANMB in weeks 1, 13, 26 and 39 and are also available from the UKHO website at: Alternatively, these may be requested by e-mail from NAVAREA I Co-ordinator at: navwarnings(at) 2. Cancel NAVAREA I 034/23. NAVAREA I 226/22 1. EFFECTIVE FROM 19 DEC 2022 THE NAVAREA I AND METAREA I CO-ORDINATORS WILL HAVE FULL OPERATIONAL CAPABILITY (FOC) FOR BROADCASTING NAVIGATIONAL AND METEOROLOGICAL WARNINGS VIA THE IRIDIUM SAFETYCAST SERVICE. 2. THE CO-ORDINATORS WILL PROMULGATE SAFETYCAST MESSAGES AS PART OF A NUMBERED SERIES IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE JOINT IMO/IHO/WMO MARITIME SAFETY INFORMATION MANUAL. FOR MORE INFORMATION SEE ALRS VOL 3. CONTACT INFORMATION FOR NAVAREA I IS: PHONE: +44 (0)1823 353448, FAX: +44 (0)1823 322352, EMAIL: NAVWARNINGS@UKHO.GOV.UK 3. CANCEL NAVAREA I 031/21, INITIAL OPERATIONAL CAPABILITY TEST PHASE COMPLETED. NAVAREA 1 220/22 NORTH SEA, UK SECTOR. North Brae Gas Field. Chart GB 291. Safety Zone, radius 500 metres, established centred on 58-47.36N 001-21.01E. NAVAREA I 194/22 DOVER STRAIT AND APPROACHES. Chart GB 2449. Small unlit vessels crossing TSS within area bounded by 51-24N 000-59E, 51-24N 002-00E, 50-43N 002-00E and 50-43N 000-59E. Vessels maybe abandoned and adrift. Any sightings report to HM Coastguard.