WZ 222/23 SCOTLAND, WEST COAST. South Uist. Calvay lighthouse, 57-08.5N 007-15.4W, AIS inoperative. WZ 221/23 DOVER STRAIT TSS. North-east bound lane. 1. Ruytingen SW buoy, 51-04.3N 001-45.8E, missing. 2. Cancel WZ 111. WZ 219/23 SOUTHERN NORTH SEA, UK SECTOR. Davy Gas Field. 1. Platform 49/30-A, 53-00.3N 002-53.8E, unlit and all navaids inoperative. 2. Cancel WZ 110. WZ 217/23 THE OUTER HEBRIDES. South Harris. Leverburgh front leading light, 57-46.2N 007-02.0W, unlit. WZ 208/23 IRISH SEA, EASTERN PART. Bahama Bank South-eastwards. Bahama buoy, 54-20.0N 004-08.5W, unlit. WZ 200/23 SCOTLAND, EAST COAST. Hywind Floating Wind Farm. 1. Turbines HS1, 57-29.1N 001-19.9W and HS3, 57-29.8N 001-22.3W, AIS unreliable. 2. Cancel WZ 097. WZ 199/23 GMDSS. MRCC Shetland. 1. MF R/T and DSC services from St Margarets Hope site, 58-49.3N 002-57.4W, off air. 2. Cancel WZ 095. WZ 195/23 ISLES OF SCILLY. Saint Mary's Sound. 1. Spanish Ledge buoy, 49-53.9N 006-18.9W, unlit. 2. Cancel WZ 090. WZ 194/23 SCOTLAND, WEST COAST. Loch Ryan, North Channel and Luce Bay. 1. Intermittent GPS jamming and spoofing exercise in progress daily 0830 to 1600 UTC, 20 to 25 Mar, and 0730 to 1500 UTC, 26 to 31 Mar within 22 miles of 54-50N 004-56W. 2. Alternative means of navigation should be used during jamming periods to confirm position. GPS equipment should be checked for correct operation when clear of the affected areas or on completion of the exercise. 3. Jamming will not take place in reduced visibility. 4. In an emergency, jamming may be stopped on request via the MOD West Freugh Range Control on +441776 888932 or +441776 888930. 5. Cancel this message 311600 UTC Mar 23. WZ 192/23 ENGLAND, EAST COAST. Rough Gas Field. Platform 47/8-AD, 53-49.5N 000-28.2E, unlit. WZ 180/23 OUTER HEBRIDES. South Uist. 1. Intermittent radar jamming exercises, which may cause interference on S band frequencies, in progress daily from 0800 to 1600 UTC, 13 Mar to 06 Apr within 27 miles of 57-21.5N 007-23.9W. 2. Mariners may contact Hebrides Range on VHF Ch 16 or the Range Controller on telephone number +441870 604441 or +441870 604449 for advice or cessation of jamming. 3. Cancel this message 061700 UTC Apr 23. WZ 176/23 BRISTOL CHANNEL. Baggy Point Westwards. 1. Baggy Leap buoy, 51-08.9N 004-17.0W, off station. 2. Cancel WZ 065. WZ 175/23 ISLES OF SCILLY. Southwestern approaches to Saint Mary's Road. 1. Old Wreck buoy, 49-54.2N 006-22.8W, off station. 2. Cancel WZ 064. WZ 169/23 GMDSS. MRCC Aberdeen. 1. MF R/T and DSC services from Gregness site, 57-07.7N 002-03.2W, off air. 2. Cancel WZ 056. WZ 166/23 ENGLAND, EAST COAST. Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm. Turbines A01, 53-10.4N 001-04.8E and A05, 53-08.6N 001-06.0E, unlit. WZ 161/23 ENGLAND, WEST COAST. Saint Ives Bay North-westwards. Wave Hub SE buoy, 50-20.6N 005-35.0W, missing. WZ 148/23 ENGLAND, EAST COAST. Dudgeon Wind Farm. 1. Turbine G05, 53-16.0N 001-26.7E, unlit and fog signal inoperative. Turbine L03, 53-14.1N 001-22.7E, fog signal inoperative. 2. Cancel WZ 039. WZ 147/23 SOUTHERN NORTH SEA. Hornsea Offshore Wind Farm. 1. Turbine A16, 53-50.1N 001-58.7E, fog signal inoperative. 2. Cancel WZ 038. WZ 146/23 DOVER STRAIT, WESTERN PART. Cap Griz-Nez North-westwards. 1. ZC2 buoy, 50-53.5N 001-30.9E, AIS inoperative. 2. Cancel WZ 036. WZ 141/23 GMDSS. MRCC Shetland. VHF R/T and DSC services from Compass Head site, 59-52.0N 001-16.4W, unstable. WZ 136/23 SCOTLAND, EAST COAST. Fife Ness Eastwards. Neart na Gaoithe Wind Farm. 1. NNG N buoy, 56-20.4N 002-14.7W, and NNG E buoy, 56-14.3N 002-08.6W, unlit and AIS inoperative. 2. Cancel WZ 019. WZ 133/23 ENGLAND, SOUTH COAST. Eddystone Rocks South-westwards. 1. E1 buoy, 50-02.6N 004-22.5W, damaged, unlit and AIS inoperative. 2. Cancel WZ 016. WZ 130/23 ENGLAND, WEST COAST. West of Duddon Sands Wind Farm. Turbine A12, 53-56.8N 003-29.3W, fog signal inoperative. WZ 127/23 ENGLAND, SOUTH COAST. Land's End South-westwards. Wreck of fishing vessel reported in 50-02.2N 005-43.7W. WZ 119/23 GMDSS. MRCC Shetland. 1. VHF DSC service from Ben Tongue site, 58-29.7N 004-23.8W, off air. 2. Cancel WZ 1307. WZ 116/23 GMDSS. MRCC Dover. MF R/T and DSC services from Bawdsey site, 51-59.6N 001-24.5E, off air.